Elimination of re-decoration
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The Rococo re-decoration of the altarpiece had important consequences on the general aspect of the altarpiece. Quite possibly, the altarpiece also later underwent occasional, specific re-touching and other interventions.

When the Bascones altarpiece was moved to the Palencia Museum in 1973, the supporting structure of the altarpiece was reinforced for its construction, sheets of laminated plywood were glued to the rear of compartments and new panels were inserted to replace missing ones. The position of some reliefs on the altarpiece was changed, missing volumes were reintegrated and varnishes were eliminated.  

From 1988 to 1990, general restoration work was carried out by the Centre of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage of the Regional Government of Castile and León during which the following work was carried out: dis-assembly and consolidation of the support, disinfection, the design and construction of a wood support structure, volumetric reintegration, colour fixing, cleaning, the removal of specific re-decoration, pictorial reintegration and the application of an upper protective layer.