General view of the parish church
© J. Muñiz   CC-BY-NC-ND


The parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Zarza in Galinduste is a Renaissance style building with a basilical floor plan and two naves separated by segmental arches on prism-shaped columns whose capitels are decorated with balls at their feet and Doric-style circles at their tops. On the south wall of the church stands a simple portico which is the only entrance with a round arch. At the foot of the church is a single-veined Baroque belfry.

The main nave is wider and has a Mudejar bow armature ceiling. The other side nave opening on the Epistle side of the church ends in the rectangular side chapel that contains the figure of Pietá. This Late Gothic figure dates from the XVI century, the same century when the figure of Christ hanging in the presbytery was made, although the latter is Renaissance in style. The style of all the conserved altarpieces - the largest one in the chapel containing the Pietá and the other three on the side walls of the church - is Baroque.