Scenes from the Childhood of the Holy Infant on the wings of the altarpiece
© J. Muñiz  CC-BY-NC-ND


The iconographic narration begins on the upper panels with the wing panel paintings depicting the Conception and Childhood of the Holy Infant: Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity and Adoration of the Magi and continues with the Death of the Innocent, Circumcision, Holy Virgin with Infant Surrounded by Angels and Jesus Among the Doctors in the Temple on the lower.  

Narration continues with the carved reliefs on the centre section distributed amid figures of Prophets. They depict scenes from the Passion of Christ beginning on the upper section with the Arrest, Crucifixion and Flagellation of Christ while, on the lower level, we can see scenes depicting the Holy Burial, Lamentation and Resurrection.  

Paintings on the interior of the wings depicting the Evangelists in the upper compartments and passages from the Glorification in the lower ones (Descent Into Limbo, Meeting with Mary Magdalene, Doubts of Saint Thomas and the Ascent into Heaven) together with Prophets on smaller panels complete the pictorial narration.