Relief of the Lamentation
© J. Muñiz  CC-BY-NC-ND


The slight reliefs are compact compositions comprising several characters distributed over different levels that only sparingly allude to landscapes, with the only exceptions of the rocky outcrops on Mount Calvary and a few trees in the Resurrection.  

Figures are quite slim and are elegant, dynamic and fluid. This sensation of movement has been achieved thanks to the way in which upper torsos and heads are inclined, the way in which the abundant deep, but smoothly-angled folds of garments have been fashioned in soft curves and flowing waves and the undulated shapes of the borders of garments, still reminiscent of International Gothic style.

Faces are fleshy and expressive, flattened oval in shape, with almond-shaped eyes that are small in comparison to their large, straight, prominent noses, beseeching mouths and ears that are frequently left completely uncovered. Hair of heads and beards is wavy and not particularly well emphasised with the exception of the mane of Saint John that is very curly and windblown. Hands are large with long, thin fingers.