Altarpiece frame without figures
© J. Muñiz  CC-BY-NC-ND


Though it has lost its wings and parts of its interior architecture such as the openwork tracery of its predella, this altarpiece with its five main vertical sections, the centre of which stands approximately a third higher than the side ones, still maintains the shape of an inverted "T".

Figures stand below hemi hexagonal-based polygonal canopies with interior ribbed vaults. To each side, two of these canopies separated by sections of wood running parallel to the lock of the frame stand at the outer edge of each lateral section while, at the centre, one of the canopies is repeated surrounded by two obliquely-placed panels joining the back and the front of the structure.

Two levels may be seen in elevation: on the lower level, scalloped pointed arches stand under ogee arches crowned with fleurons in front of open tracery work while, on the upper level, the altarpiece is topped with a delicate crest of heart shapes that is replaced by a higher section of sharp spear-shaped tracery at its centre.