Back of the frame
© Albayalde  CC-BY-NC-ND


An inverted "T"-shaped altarpiece made of oak. The main frame is made up of split panels assembled with dovetail joints. The frame itself is carved into the edges of the panels forming the altarpiece. The rear is made up of eight panels placed vertically, fitted together and nailed to the main framework. The rear of the altarpiece is irregular and we can see where work was carried out to fit the two crossbeams used to reinforce the joints and attach them to the structure with wooden pegs.  

The canopies comprise several pieces glued together, pinned together with wooden dowels and then nailed to the back of the frame from the rear. Marks left by hinges indicate that the altarpiece originally had wings which have since disappeared.   

The three Apostles on the altarpiece have been carved from a single piece of wood, with the sole exception of Saint Paul, whose figure has an additional fragment of wood added to its shoulder. The backs of the figures have been hollowed out quite deeply except for their heads, and we can see the marks of gouges and adzes.