Figure of Saint Paul
© J. Muñiz  CC-BY-NC-ND


The altarpiece has five figures of which those of the two Apostles holding books and that of Saint Anton with a book in his right hand are similar in style; all figures convey a sense of serenity and elegance, not without a certain sense of monumentality in spite of their somewhat reduced size. Additionally, all figures exhibit a pronounced corporeality achieved by the angle at which their feet are placed, the subtle turn of their heads and the way the regular, vertical pleats of their garments fall and break into a profusion of folds when they reach the ground. The deepest and narrowest folds are seen where garments are gathered.  

Their very lovely wide faces with prominent cheekbones, highlighted eyebrows, short fine noses, half-opened mouths and expressive gazes look very natural, as does the fluid treatment dispensed to beards and hair.

The possibility that the other figure of Saint Anton, with its somewhat tired expression, or the figure of Saint James (Santiago), whose beard seems excessively symmetrical, formed part of the original altarpiece has been discarded completely.